ESL Labs provides a wide range of shock and vibration testing services.

We can simulate a variety of transportation or operational vibration scenarios ranging from commercial trucking to military tracked vehicles, and simulate shocks from satellite deployment to warehouse handling.

  • 12,000 lbf rms electrodynamic shaker
  • Sine, Random, mixed mode vibration and shock to 100 g, 50.8 mm (2 inch) disp, 1778 mm/sec (70 in/sec)
Loose Cargo Vibration
  • 1.57 x 1.70 m (48 x 52 in) bed; 568 kg (1250 lb) maximum payload
  • Circular synchronous, vertical linear motions
  • 150 to 300 RPM
  • ASTM D-999, ISTA procedures, MIL-STD-810, etc
Classic Shock
  • Half-sine, sawtooth or trapezoidal pulses, 0.5 to 30 msec duration
  • Up to 70 g on shaker (depending on duration & shape)
  • 1000 g or more on MRAD accelerated drop type shock machine
  • Shock Response Spectrum Analysis
Navy High Impact Shock
  • MIL-S-901 Lightweight Shock Machine for Navy equipment, weighing up to 113 kg (250 lb)
Drop Shock
  • Free-fall drops up to 11.8 m (30 ft)
  • Bench handling
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vibration testing

Dynamic Testing Facts

The goal or shock testing is to measure the device’s response time.

Vibrations have been known to cause excessive wear, loosen fasteners, loosen connections, damage components, and cause devices to malfunction.

Equipment designed for rugged or hostile environments needs to withstand a lot of vibration without breaking down or wearing out prematurely.