ESL Labs is proud to be developing a state of the art testing facility which will include a new Frankonia semi-anechoic EMI chamber to facilitate testing for radiated emissions, radiated susceptibility, and pre-compliance testing.

New ESL Labs Facility with EMI Chamber

With almost 30,000 sq. ft. of space, the new testing facility for ESL Labs provides room to accommodate this state of the art EMI/EMC testing capability. The EMI semi-anechoic chamber is 9.68 m (L) x 6.53 m (W) x 6.00 m (H) with a 2m diameter turntable and 2000 kg capacity. This state-of-the-art Frankonia EMI chamber means ESL Labs can perform MIL-STD-461G testing on a variety of product sizes.

The EMI chamber is comprised of anechoic cones and ferrite tiles to absorb electromagnetic radiation and to prevent any reflections from the walls, ceiling, or floor, creating a perfectly isolated testing environment. The large size of the ESL chamber allows for tremendous flexibility when making decisions on what kind of test instrumentation can be used. Common testing instrumentation will include EMI receivers, signal generators, high-power RF amplifier racks, low frequency test sets, and high bandwidth digital oscilloscopes.


Frankonia EMI chamber

EMI Testing Capabilities

EMI and EMC testing provides critical benchmarks and empirical data for many of ESL Lab's customers, especially those who may be involved in aerospace and defence, or those commercial applications where meeting specific test standards are required.

  • Commercial Radiated and Conducted Immunity
  • RTCA/DO-160G EMI test methods
  • DC magnetic field susceptibility
  • MIL-STD-461D/462D test methods
  • Commercial RF transmitter/receiver (radio) test methods
  • Power quality test methods

The new Frankonia EMI chamber will test to MIL-STD-461G requirements for many applications such as surface ships, submarines, army aircraft, navy aircraft, space systems, and ground forces for army, navy & air force. Testing capabilities for commercial applications include commercial radiated emissions, conducted emissions, and RTCA/DO-160G.

EMI chamber diagram

EMI / EMC Testing Team

ESL Labs is proud to be able to provide a wide range of EMI/EMC engineering services, thanks to our EMI/EMC team, which includes a 30 years of experience, a Licensed Professional Engineer and iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer. Our EMI/EMC engineering services include:

  • EMC Design (System, equipment, printed circuit board, power, cables)
  • EMI Troubleshooting and Mitigation
  • System-Level Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3)
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards (RADHAZ aka RF Safety)
  • Lightning / High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) Airworthiness
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Emissions Security (EMSEC) (aka TEMPEST)
Mike Bogusz photo

Commercial Radiated and Conducted Emissions

  • ICES-003, Radiated and Conducted Emissions - Information Technology Equipment (ITE)
  • ICES-001, Radiated and Conducted Emissions - Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM)
  • FCC Part 15B, Radiated and Conducted Emissions
  • EN 55011/CISPR 11, Radiated and Conducted Emissions - ISM Equipment
  • EN 55032/CISPR 32, Radiated and Conducted Emissions - Multimedia Equipment

MIL-STD-461G Testing Areas

  • Conducted Emissions
  • Conducted Susceptibility
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Radiated Susceptiblity
  • Electrical Bonding


  • Section 21 - Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
  • Section 22 - Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted)
  • Section 25 - Electrostatic Discharge
  • Section 18 - Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility - Power Inputs