Testing Marine Equipment for Harsh Ocean Environments

We’ve tested extensively - climatic, thermal, pressure testing - for equipment in the Ocean Tech sector, from highly sophisticated sensor, sonar equipment to validating new innovative design and composition of lobster traps.

We perform hydrostatic – internal and external hydrostatic pressure test procedures - that determine if products will withstand the crushing pressures at ocean depths. We employ vacuum chambers that will test response of product to sudden loss of pressure in addition to testing for leaks utilizing a variety of test methods and standards.

We provide a range of customized testing.

We provide a wide range of customized testing and published industry-standard testing to enable your company to validate your products and equipment for use in many industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, energy, medical/pharmaceutical, marine systems, EMI/EMC, and surveillance.

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Product Ice Testing
Product Pressure Testing
Product Waterproof Testing